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A new medium for presenting ideas. Powered by AI.

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Gamma seamlessly combines the ease of document creation with the visual impact of presentations. It empowers users to effortlessly generate and customize documents, presentations, and webpages in a matter of seconds, eliminating the need for time-consuming formatting and design work. Key Features: - Effortless Content Generation: Gamma's powerful AI generator enables users to create working presentations, documents, or webpages in under a minute, significantly reducing the time and effort typically required. - Design Simplified: Users can create polished and on-brand content with just one click. Gamma eliminates the need for slide masters and template lock-in, allowing for flexible and efficient customization. - Live Presentation and Sharing: Gamma offers a dynamic presentation mode for live engagement and the ability to share content online with integrated publishing and analytics, fostering collaboration and feedback. - Analytics and Collaboration: Measure engagement with built-in analytics, encourage feedback with quick reactions and comments, and facilitate straightforward collaboration.


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