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Bing Chat Enterprise introduces a new wave of innovation in AI-powered search. Users can ask questions, find answers faster, and kickstart their creativity using Bing's AI capabilities. Key Features: - Search for Anything: Users can ask any question, whether it's short or long, specific or vague, and follow up in a chat-like interface. - Find Answers Faster: Bing provides summaries, comparisons, and personalized explanations to help users get the information they need quickly. - Kickstart Creativity: With just a prompt, users can write emails, poems, meal plans, and even create images using Bing's AI capabilities. - Microsoft Edge Integration: The new Bing experiences are seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Edge, allowing users to browse and search side-by-side without switching tabs. - Bing Mobile App: Users can access Bing on the go with the mobile app, allowing voice searches, chat interactions, and syncing preferences across devices.



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