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The AI-powered work assistant. Across all your company’s data.

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Glean is an AI-powered work assistant designed to streamline access to company data, enhancing decision-making and productivity across teams. Key Features: • Comprehensive Knowledge Graph: Integrates all company data, content, people, and interactions into a searchable knowledge graph, providing accurate, up-to-date information. • Advanced Personalization: Delivers personalized answers based on user roles, work context, and collaboration patterns, ensuring relevance and precision in the insights provided. • Responsible AI: Implements secure, private, and referenceable AI solutions, maintaining data integrity and trust in the generated outputs. Scalable Infrastructure with Governance: Offers a scalable platform with auditing tools and respects data source permissions, ensuring compliance and data privacy. • Turnkey Implementation: Features over 100 connectors for easy integration, without the need for extensive professional services or manual data training.



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